Handy Links

Find that

How to get there. Did you ever need a map to an address you're trying to find? Fill in the address information and away you go. Print out a map and written directions. 

Weather information anywhere with the click of your mouse. 

Road Construction
Don't get stuck in construction. Find out if it's along your planned route. We have links to 50 State DOT sites and most Provincial sites.

Got Stocks?
Track those stocks. Set up your personal portfolio, get quotes, view charts, get market news, do research and much more.

Get the News
Your on-line newspaper. Get your national and international news fix here.

Hoax or Fact
Keep the egg off your face. Before you hit the forward button to pass along the latest heart-wrenching story, promise of wealth or computer virus alert that will delete your hard drive, check these sites to see if they are fact or fiction. 
Urban Legend Listings   Computer Virus Info    Virus Hoax Listings 

TV Listings
Get your local TV listings here. Type your zip code in the box provided, grab your favorite beverage and snack food and you're ready to go. After that motorcycle ride of course. 

Want a chapter 
Web site?
Create your own chapter Web site. It's fun, it's easy and it doesn't have to cost a penny. Click the picture to find a listing of sites that offer free space for that new site of yours. You may have to put up with some pop up ads on your new site, but the price is right. To avoid the ads, some internet service providers offer free Web space to their customers. 

Create an e-greeting card for a friend or loved one. 
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