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Chapter 1 Family of the Year
A. Selection Guidelines
  1. The program will be open to all families except operation officers higher than chapter director and their families. Chapter directors and assistant chapter directors and their families are eligible to participate.
  2. A family unit generally consists of two adults and any household children.
  3. Family of the year participants must be members of GWTA in good standing.
  4. The GWTA membership of a selected Family of the Year must not expire during their tenure and/or title period.
  5. If a member should be holding a chapter, state/provincial, regional or national Family of the Year honor, and during their term be elected or appointed to an office above Chapter Director, they will not need to give up their Family of the Year status.
B. Selection Process
  1. November: The chapter director conducts the Family of the Year appointing process for the next year. Nominations may be solicited at a meeting and families nominated from the floor, or the Chapter Director may ask for submissions in writing. The chapter may also use a selection committee. Once the chapter Family of the Year is selected, the chapter director works with the newly nominated Family to prepare their biography (or resume), as well as preparing written justification for the chapter selection. This information is sent to the state/provincial director, supporting their candidate for state/provincial family of the year. (Must be in the state/provincial director’s office no later than November 30).
  1. January: Each state/provincial director appoints a Family of the Year Selection Committee to review the chapter nominations to select their representative for the state/provincial family of the year. The selection for state/provincial family of the year is based on information contained in the biographies and justifications submitted by the chapter directors. Alternatively, the State/Provincial Director may elect to conduct interviews of the chapter representatives, either via telephone or in person at a state event. Once selected, the state/provincial director prepares a written justification supporting their candidate for regional family of the year. This justification along with the biography and justification from the chapter director is forwarded to the regional director (must be in the regional director’s office no later than January 31).
  1. February: Each regional director appoints a Family of the Year Selection Committee to review the state/provincial nominations to select their representative for regional family of the year. The selection is based on information contained in the biographies and justifications from the chapter director and the justification from the state/provincial director. Alternatively, the Regional Director may elect to conduct interviews of the state representatives, either via telephone or in person at a regional event. The regional director prepares a written justification supporting their candidate for regional family of the year. This justification, along with the justification from the state/provincial director and the biography and justification from the chapter director, are forwarded to the executive director (must be in the executive director’s office no later than March 10).
  1. March: The biographies for the regional families of the year are submitted to Touring News by the executive director to be published prior to the annual Goldrush rally in July.
  1. July: The executive director will appoint a Family of the Year Selection Committee to conduct interviews of the regional representatives on Monday morning prior to opening ceremonies at Goldrush. The Selection Committee will inform the executive director of their decision. The executive director makes the announcement for the National Family at opening ceremonies. All Regional representatives who are interested in being considered for the National Family of the Year honor must be present to participate in the interview process. If financial obligations are keeping a Regional representative from attending Goldrush, the Regional Director may consider covering some of their expenses at Goldrush from the Regional treasury.
C. National Family of the Year recognition and duties
  1. The newly nominated National Family is presented with roses and sashes at opening ceremonies during Goldrush. During Goldrush, the newly elected Family may be asked to assist in passing out awards at assemblies, act as greeters at the registration area, hold a seminar promoting the Family of the Year program, and perform additional duties as the executive director may suggest.
  2. The National Family serves for one year, and are considered to be members of the national staff. During their tenure, they will actively promote GWTA ideals and serve as a goodwill ambassador at as many rallies and events as may be feasible for the Family. It is suggested that regions, states, and chapters provide complimentary registration for the National Family at any GWTA event they attend, in recognition of their national honor.
  3. The National Family of the Year shall have their next year’s registration for Goldrush paid for by GWTA, as well as four nights free stay during next year’s Goldrush at a hotel designated by GWTA. The free nights will be Monday through Thursday nights.
  4. The National Family will receive national recognition with their picture on the cover of Touring News. During their tenure as National Family, they will write a monthly article for the Touring News.
  5. The National Family will assist with the national selection process at the next year’s Goldrush for the next National Family of the Year.

Gold Wing Touring Association

Chapter 2 Helping Hands Program
A. Introduction

Helping Hands is a financial program, created by members to assist other members in time of need by providing immediate emergency funds for motorcycle-related accidents and major medical issues causing extreme financial hardship. The program is not designed to handle long-term financial support but to give immediate and temporary assistance in cases of extreme hardship, regardless of cause, until other resources can be obtained.

Should the grant recipient find in the future that they are in a position to do so, they are encouraged to re-donate this money to benefit someone else.

This program is funded solely by members via donations to the program. Donations are strictly voluntary and may be donated individually or by groups. Donations to the fund ARE NOT tax deductible.

B. Target Month

Annually, the month of August has been officially designated by our national organization to be Helping Hands Activities Month. Chapters are encouraged to support Helping Hands by a selected fund raising benefit during August. Funds are welcome to the program at any time during the year.


C. Donations

A check or money order can be made to: GWTA Helping Hands

Ask your chapter director for the address or contact the Helping Hands director; the phone number is listed in Touring News.

Please include your name, address, phone number and amount of donation when communicating with Helping Hands.


D. Program Organization
  1. Grant Committee: This committee is comprised of the National Helping Hands Director and volunteer members.
  2. National Helping Hands Director duties:
  • Responsibility for program operations.
  • Presides over grant committee meetings.
  • Is a voting member of the grant committee.
  • Responsible for record keeping within their control.
  • Required to forward quarterly financial statements to national operations.
  1. Grant Committee Duties: The committee is comprised of no less that two (2) members in good standing and the Helping Hands Director. Grant committee members shall:
  • Assist the director in operations, if needed.
  • Screen, validate and render decisions on grant applications. These applications will be processed in order of priority.
E. Applicant Qualification

The grant committee will monitor the following guidelines; chapter directors should follow these guidelines as closely as possible. The grant committee will make the final decision on grant awards. All applicants:

  • Must be member(s) in good standing (i.e. maintain a current active membership).
  • May apply as many times as necessary to obtain a grant. Only one grant per member/family will be approved within a five-year period with a lifetime maximum of three grants..
  • Funds may be requested up to $500 per grant.
F. Chapter Participation

In extreme emergency, when the grant committee is not available, the chapter may opt to grant funds from their treasury until funds can be obtained from Helping Hands.

All grants whether to individuals or to reimburse a chapter will be subject to approval by the grant committee and will be disbursed depending upon available funds. The grant committee will award such funds as appropriate, to a maximum of $500 per grant, based upon factors such as funds availability, the number of grants requested, request priority, and the order in which requests were received.

G. To Apply For Assistance

Applications for the Helping Hands program are available online @GWTA.org, through your chapter director, or from the Helping Hands director, whose name and telephone number are listed in Touring News.

Applications may be sent directly to the Helping Hands Director by mail, fax, or e-mail. The application should contain the following information as outlined on the form.

  • Applicant’s name, address and phone number.
  • GWTA membership number and expiration date.
  • Reason for request (must contain adequate information for committee and director to make a sound judgment. Lack of information will impede ability to receive funds.)
  • Name, membership number and expiration date of verifying person.



Gold Wing Touring Association

Chapter 3 Rider Education Program

The Rider Education Program was developed to provide GWTA members with a quality rider/co rider awareness program and to develop projects according to the needs of the members. Motorcycling is a sport with its own risk potential, multiplied by varying factors, environment, and our attitudes. Knowing how to avoid a potential hazardous situation while riding and having the skills to react are valuable to you and your riding companions. Having training in first aid and CPR is equally important and of great value. Through commitment, education and application we are confident this program will prepare our members for many safe and enjoyable miles.

Click here for application form

Your chapter rider education director should have detailed information on this program. It can be obtained from regional or national rider education directors.
Your questions, comments or suggestions on the program are encouraged. Please contact the national rider education director whose name and phone number appear in our monthly magazine, Touring News.

Questions, comments or suggestions on the program are encouraged. Please contact Doug & Lori Green
GWTA National Rider Education Directors
181 Alta Dr.
 La Selva Beach, CA 95076
(831) 359-7044

Gold Wing Touring Association

Chapter 4 Golden Heart Award Program
A. Introduction

This program was developed to show recognition to a person or persons (whether or not they are a member of GWTA) who have given of themselves to assist members of our association. Many of us will pitch in and do the right thing, then there are those who will go above and beyond; these are the people who although they seldom seek recognition, deserve it just the same.

Recipients of the Golden Heart Award will receive a certificate of recognition, an antiqued gold pin and the story of their good deeds published in Touring News.

There are many heart-warming stories or happenings that often go unrecognized except for a very sincere ‘thank you’. Giving this award is another way of saying thanks with an added bonus. Each time the recipient sees the Golden Heart Award certificate, or puts on the Golden Heart pin, that ‘thank you’ will ring out loud and clear once again.

B. Nomination Process

This program is self-supporting; the person making the nomination will be required to pick up the minimal cost of the certificate(s), pin(s) and postage. The charges are $6.00 to cover the cost of the antiqued gold pin, certificate, mailing container and, postage for the first pin. Additional pins and certificates are $4.00 each. You may have up to four pins mailed in the same container. If you have any questions, contact the Helping Hands director whose contact information is published within Touring News.

The nomination process is:

  • Write a short letter describing the act of kindness or generosity. This is required to qualify for the award.
  • List how many certificates and pins are needed and the names of the recipients.
  • Enclose a check to cover the cost of awards, as outlined above.
  • Give details on how, when and by whom the awards will be presented or if you wish to have us mail them directly to the recipient. Pertinent address information must be enclosed.


Gold Wing Touring Association

Chapter Member Education Program

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