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The T. A. Way is a manual of guidelines for the chapter director (CD).  It was written for the CD as a tool, but we encourage all members to take the time to read the manual. You will gain a better understanding of our association and how it operates.

A clickable table of contents is provided for each T. A. Way Section outlined below or you can print the manual or portions of it from the Document Library.

Click for Section 1, Operational Guidelines  
This section contains information on how our association is governed and operated.

Click for Section 2, Chapter "How TO" Guidelines 
This section gives the CD guidelines on how a successful chapter can be operated. We want to emphasize the word guidelines. They are not rules or law, they are suggestions. Your chapter must decide what will work best for them. Every chapter is unique, and what works for one, may not for another.

Click for Section 3, National Program Outlines
This section outlines a variety of programs offered to the membership.

When a new chapter director is elected by the members, often the first question that new CD asks him or herself is, "Where do I start?". The T. A. Way can answer that question and many more.

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