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Rider Level I Knowledge Test

Chapter: _______________________________________ State: ________________________
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Chapter Rider Education Director (Print & Sign): _____________________________________
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Read each question and put a check mark on the True or False questions.
Then return this test to your Chapter Rider Education Director or Chapter Director.

1. You can ride your motorcycle safely and without risk True: __ False: __
2. If you look directly at an object in the road, your motorcycle will go directly to the object True: __ False: __
3. When you encounter a tailgater, you should move out of his way if possible True: __ False: __
4. Road surface can effect traction True: __ False: __
5. The heavier the load on your motorcycle, the quicker you can stop True: __ False: __
6. While riding at a fast rate of speed and you need to stop quickly, you should apply more pressure on the rear brakes than the front True: __ False: __
7. Down shifting while using your brakes, will help you stop faster, during a panic stop True: __ False: __
8. During a turn or a curve that you are taking too fast, use your brakes to slow down True: __ False: __
9. As a Rider approaches a turn, he or she must decide on two things concerning the corner: an acceptable line and an appropriate speed True: __ False: __
10. The apex of a turn, is the point along the path through the corner that is closest to the inside boundary of the turn and where it occurs in relation to the geometry of the turn, can be very important to the efficiency and smoothness of the line True: __ False: __
11. Counter steering means: press right to turn left True: __ False: __
12. Have your Co-Rider lean the opposite way that you do, to counter balance the motorcycle True: __ False: __
13. When mounting a motorcycle that is on the kick stand, it is a good idea to squeeze the front brake True: __ False: __
14. Tire pressure should be checked after they are warmed up True: __ False: __
15. Looking at the point on the road where you want to stop, will make you stop in a straight line True: __ False: __
16. The majority of collisions occur at intersections True: __ False: __
17. There are basically three consumers of traction: side force, driving force and braking force True: __ False: __
18. In group riding, the two second rule means that there should be two seconds between every motorcycle in the same group True: __ False: __
19. If there are nine motorcycles taking a ride together, one group is fine True: __ False: __
20. Motorcycle Safety Foundation training is only important for new Riders True: __ False: __

Revised 07/6/95

For more information please contact:
National Rider Education Director
Doug & Lori Green
181 Alta Dr.
La Selva Beach, CA 95076

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