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Regional Rider Education Director

Selection Process

  The selection process for a Region Rider Education Director is simple. The prospective applicant may have been asked by the regional director or may have volunteered for the job. The National Rider Education Director is to be informed of the regional director's choice and also has input in the final decision. In deciding upon the applicant, one must remember that they need not be a Motorcycle Safety Instructor. The applicant should be a self starting, self motivated team player, who can work with both their regional dir. and National Rider Education Director, as the applicant will be a member of both staffs. This person should also have a genuine interest in their region's chapter members' riding skills, safety and knowledge. The applicant also needs to be enrolled in the program.


The exchange of information, ideas and programs is strongly encouraged of all R.E.D.s as this will insure a cohesive team of Rider Education Directors that will aid each other in their jobs. The Rider Education Program provides information on safety and knowledge to the association through its R.E.D.s in a totally voluntary atmosphere. The R.E.D.s do not make policy or requirements to the membership. Only the operational directors have the responsibility for the policy making process through the proper chain of command.


  1. Help the State/Provincial Directors select a State/Provincial R.E.D.
  2. Assist the State/Provincial Rider Education Director in obtaining the various materials in their being able to do their job.
  3. Help the State/Provincial R.E.D.s in implementing the Chapter Skills Improvement Clinics.
  4. Supply the State/Provincial R.E.D.s with the Rider Education Program patches and rockers in exchange for the filled out forms of the members and verification signatures from the Chapter R.E.D.
  5. Keep your own Rider Education Program records and forward the information on to the National Rider Education Director.
  6. Oversee and assist the State/Provincial R.E.D. with group riding techniques.
  7. See to it that a R.E.P. seminar is held during the State/Provincial and Region Rallies.
  8. Keep the State/Provincial R.E.D.s up to date on legislative matters concerning motorcycling and proved names and addresses of the law makers for any GWTA members who wish to write their legislators as individual motorcycle owners.
  9. Coordinate with Region Director and staff.
  10. Provide assistance in implementing public awareness programs.
  11. Lead by example.
  12. Submit articles to the National Rider Education Director for submittal to both the Touring News and a National Rider Education Newsletter.
  13. Assist the National Rider Education Director at the National rallies.

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