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 A laid-back weekend in Shaniko, Oregon.

Set in the high plains of north central Oregon, Shaniko is a town that time forgot. Surrounded for miles by sage brush and wheat fields, Shaniko was once a town that supported sheep ranchers. Those days are long past. The town was brought back to life with the restored hotel as the centerpiece, surrounded by quaint antique shops and museums displaying memorabilia of the early 1900s. No Dairy Queen, but an ice cream parlor.

Pictured are members of Chapters M, C, and H, Washington State.

If you're looking for action, you better bring it with you. Who needs it when you're with friends.

No schedules, no traffic, just friends visiting, swapping stories, and boy do we have stories. Sharing memories of past adventures, laughing 'til your sides hurt.

Hanging out in the hotel lobby. Ah, this is the life. 

Looks like George Sattler and Mary Ritland are a bit camera shy.

Harvey and Mary Ritland, organizers of the weekend outing, visiting a remnant of the past near Shaniko, Oregon.

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