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Our first goal with this part of our site is to give those non-member visitors a taste of what we as GWTA members do throughout the year. We can tell them how much fun we have and also show them through this photo tour. Secondly, we all like to see our mugs, bikes and names on the monitor; here's our big opportunity to be world famous. Scary isn't it?

Your assignment is to submit photos with all the who, what, where, when and why attached to each photo.  No photos will be used if a legible description of its contents is not included. This is a time consuming effort and if research is required we will have to discard it and move on to the next submission. 

When choosing photos, bear in mind that visitors and members from who-knows- where will be looking at them. Here's first question you must ask yourself when choosing the perfect photo: is a person you don't know, somewhere in the world, going to enjoy the photo. Choose a photo that will give the viewer a feel for your event, one that makes them wish they were there. When possible, don't forget the motorcycle. It's a big part of what we do.

  1. choose a title for your event, gathering or ride
  2. select four photos that best capture the feel of your event
  3. number each photo in the order you want them posted
  4. write a description of the contents of the photo on the back of the photo or on a numbered list with the photos. Remember! WHO / WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / WHY.
  5. send them to us via e-mail or surface mail . . . your choice

Send to
John Hunrath
GWTA Webmaster
9265 Amarone Way
Sacramento, CA 95829
(916) 682-0734
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We want to update the photo tour periodically so everyone will have a chance to be part of it and there is new material for all to enjoy. We can't promise all will be posted but we will sure try. We would like to encourage everyone who is putting on an event to assign someone to take photos for submission to this site. It could be lots of fun. Let's try and outdo each other. I know we have a lot of creative crazies out there, so go for it.

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