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Clayton, NM Memorial Day Ride


We had 24 members of Front Range Gold from Longmont, CO in attendance. Chapter A members relaxing in the Holiday Motel parking lot after a hard day's ride.

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Mike's size 11s compared to
fossilized dinosaur tracks

Bikes at the Capulin Volcano parking lot, viewed from the trail around the rim. Who says Gold Wingers are lazy?

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Chapter A members at the Folsum Museum in Folsum, New Mexico.


Clayton, New Mexico?

Why would 24 people travel 400 miles from
Longmont, Colorado to Clayton, New
Mexico for Memorial Day weekend?

To avoid the normal holiday crowds.
To see the dinosaur tracks at Clayton Lake.
To climb and walk around the rim of the Capulin volcano.
To visit the Folsum Museum.
To take a side trip into Oklahoma.
To watch Bubba steal donuts from Rose's room.
To watch Bubba chase rabbits in an old fort.
To eat at the historic Eklund Hotel.
To get bad gasoline in the middle of nowhere.
To smell the wonderful odors in the Holiday Motel.
To burn incense in your room to negate the "smell of money".
To visit the Clayton Dairy Queen.
To get caught in not one, but two hailstorms.
To try to get dinner delivered for 10 people on a holiday weekend.
To eat all the great donuts for breakfast.
To watch a giant German Shepherd walk two Chihuahuas.
To see baby Chihuahuas.
To follow two different cattle drives up the highway
(more obstacles than the Nebraska Land Parade).
To drop your bike twice in one day.
To meet two Colorado natives running a small motel in NM.
To spend evenings sitting and talking with friends in the motel parking lot.
To have a great time.
To remember what Destination Friendship is all about.

Thanks to Cal and Rose Kimball for organizing this trip and for sharing one
of their small town discoveries with us.

Mike and JoAnn Mullin

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