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Annual GWTA Texas Fall Gathering

Texas GWTA Chapter S members and friends on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas at the 2nd Crossing Camp Ground. We're hiding from the rain under the campground's new awnings, a welcome surprise since it rained all weekend. We still had a great time. It made you 'have to gather together' to keep dry, which makes a good opportunity to make new friends. Chapter S Texas was inaugurated into GWTA at this gathering the first year it was held in 1997. 

The Guadalupe River showing the beautiful fall colors. 

The rally had a pumpkin carving contest with each chapter's carved pumpkin. The one on the far left back row won 1st place. Later, we roasted the seeds.... in the rain..... on the fire. They ended up more boiled than roasted really ... fire never went out though.

Texas GWTA members enjoying the fire and
friendship. Jim Camp (left) is about to surprise his wife with a birthday cake which everyone will help eat. She was busy carving the pumpkin (far right, back row), so didn't know what was about to happen. Jim was  the fire master that night. 

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