Chapter Olympics




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July 28, 2008

Congratulations to this year’s Chapter Olympics award recipients:


Foothill Fhantoms, Alberta, Chapter B
Chinook Wings, Alberta, Chapter C
Columbia Wings, Oregon, Chapter P
Trask Mountain Wings, Oregon, Chapter R
Evergreen Wings, Washington, Chapter C
Northwest Wings, Washington, Chapter D


Tri County Travelers, California, Chapter T
Golden Gate Wings, California, Chapter Z
River City Riders, Illinois, Chapter H
The Friendship Riders, Iowa, Chapter H
Stilly Valley Wings, Washington, Chapter B
Lake Washington Gold, Washington, Chapter E
Skagit Valley Wings, Washington, Chapter S
Auburn Valley Wings, Washington, Chapter V
N.E.W. Riders, Wisconsin, Chapter GB
River Valley Riders, Wisconsin, Chapter Y


Heartland Wings, Nebraska Chapter A
Husker Wings, Nebraska, Chapter C
Country Wings, Nebraska, Chapter Z
Rogue Valley Wings, Oregon, Chapter A
Mountain Valley Riders, Oregon, Chapter M
Emerald City Wings, Washington, Chapter A
Lilac City Wings, Washington, Chapter G
Sequim Valley Wings, Washington, Chapter Z

We wish to thank those chapters that have participated in Chapter Olympics for the last three years. Due to declining participation every year, we have decided to end this program. We are currently doing some brainstorming for a different program that will serve the same purpose of educating chapters, and when we come up with something, we’ll be sure to get that communicated as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for your interest in education and retention of our members. If you ever have ideas, suggestions, corrections or otherwise wish to provide input on the TA Way, please be sure to let us know!

See you on the road,

Mike & Carol Brush
National Education & Retention Directors
8978 Laurie Circle
Omaha, NE  68124
(402) 397-4663