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If you have a question, need information, or are looking for a solution to a problem, we 
can point you in the right direction through the list of GWTA volunteers below. They 
are in place to serve our members and the visitors to our web site.


Click on the blue text to get contact information.

Note! Always start with the nearest link in the GWTA chain of communications: Chapter Dir.-- State/Provincial Dir.-- Regional Dir.-- National Staff and Executive Director. If an answer is not available, move to the next.

Locator Map Click to find a listing of GWTA chapters and officers that serve your local area or region in the U. S. and Canada. This clickable locator map will take you to the contact information you need, or choose one of the following regions:
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There are two entities that make up the Gold Wing Touring Association:

  1. GWTA Board of Directors The member-elected governing body of your association.
  2. GWTA Operations The board-appointed executive director, along with his or her appointed staff, handles the day-to-day operations of the association.

The executive director, staff, programs and a brief explanation of their duties or functions:

  • Touring News Manager Manages the content, advertising, publishing, printing and mailing of Touring News.  The mailing list is handled by the GWTA office and any corrections or problems with the list should be directed there.
  • National Events Director Handles site selection and coordinates activities at our two national events, Gold Rush and Camp Wing Tyme.  Works with the executive director and regional directors on planning activities. Member input on site selection and activities is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Rider Education Director Is in charge of coordinating a rider education program that is offered to our membership through their chapter. This program is of great value to the riders, passengers, and those they ride with.
  • National Vendor Coordinator Works with vendors, an important part of any successful gathering. Puts together a contact list and informs vendors of dates and locations of national events.  Shares information with GWTA regional, state and provincial directors.
  • GWTA Webmaster Creates and/or maintains an association Web site for public consumption as a tool to inform, entertain and bring new friends and riding companions into our growing association. The Web site contains a wealth of information and a means to interact and communicate.  A great resource for our members and the officers that serve them.
  • Helping Hands Program A program that will give limited financial assistance to GWTA members in need. Funded through voluntary donations from our members. 
  • Family of the Year Program A program that recognizes the hard work and dedication that members and their families enthusiastically give to their fellow members and community.
  • Golden Heart Award Program This program was developed to give recognition to a person(s), whether or not they are a GWTA member, who unselfishly give of themselves to assist a member or members of our association.


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