GWTA Jigsaw Puzzle Fun

Attention: The screen-shot below is what you'll see after solving the puzzle.
In the purple area on the right are links to puzzles away from the GWTA Web site. Clicking them may result in some banner and pop-up ads. To avoid them, click the link below the puzzle and choose puzzles from the GWTA Puzzle list on the GWTA Web site. Instructions are below.

The gray bar on the left:

  • The Picture in the gray area on the left is the puzzle you chose.

  • The Shapes button gives you many options in the shape and number of pieces in the puzzle.

  • The Shuffle button will rearrange the pieces. Use it in competition so your opponent won't have an advantage after watching you solve the puzzle.

  • The Solve button will finish the puzzle for you if you get stuck or frustrated.

  • The Timer starts when you click the first puzzle piece.


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