The following instructions assume you have Acrobat Reader 5 or later installed on your machine.

  1. If you are printing all of sections 1, 2 or 3, first print the cover for that section then continue on to step 2. If printing only certain pages of a section, click File then Print, go to the Print Range section and choose the Pages from button and type in the page number you want then click OK. For all pages in a selected section continue to step 2.
  2. Turn cover over and place back into your printer to print page 1 on the reverse side.
  3. Go to file, click print, in the Print Range section choose Odd Pages Only, click OK.
  4. Remove the printed pages, set the cover and page 1 aside and place pages 3 thru whatever back into your printer so page 2 prints on the reverse side of page 3, page 4 on back of page 5 etc.
  5. Go to file click print in the Print Range section choose Even Pages Only click OK.

Repeat instruction for additional sections.