How to Start a New GWTA Chapter

Building a new GWTA chapter can be a very rewarding experience and a lot of fun, too. All it takes is a few riders and their families who are willing to put in the effort to seek out other riders to join them in some riding and social activities. Show them a great time, then ask if they would be interested in becoming part of a GWTA chapter you are founding. It's easy to approach people who have a common interest with you (motorcycling) and strike up a conversation. Invite them to join you and some friends on a ride you are planning. Every new rider you show a good time to and recruit will become another recruiter. Like the proverbial snowball, the bigger it gets, the faster it goes.

If you've spent some time studying our Web site to learn about our organization, you will have discovered our members own GWTA and our sole purpose is to bring riders together to enjoy a variety of activities and of course riding our machines, regardless of brand.

Where do I start?
We have across the U.S. and Canada volunteer officers who will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Click here to access a listing of officers within the region where you will be forming the new chapter. Call or email the GWTA Regional Director listed there to get started.

How are GWTA Chapters constructed?
Published on this Web site is a manual of guidelines called The T A Way; it shows how a successful chapter can be constructed and also has a lot of other useful information about GWTA. The manual can also be printed from the Document Library on this site, it is in PDF format; printing instructions can be found in the library. You will find a Chapter Registration Form there as well.

Are founding members of a new chapter recognized?
Yes they are. All members of a new chapter who are on the chapter roster within 90 days of its registration can wear with pride chapter founder rockers that can be added to their four inch GWTA logo patch. Their dedication to the task of bringing new friends into the GWTA family is much appreciated by all members.

How can I have a local GWTA representative get in contact with me about starting a chapter?
Fill out the "Information Request" form and type into the comments field your desire to start a chapter and how we can get in touch with you. We would be happy to help get you started down the road to our Destination Friendship.

Ride Safe;
The members of the GWTA and its many volunteers.

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