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These instructions are for those who have MS Word and would like to print the cards on standard 2" x 3 1/2" perforated card stock (Avery 8871 or equivalent)

Before choosing a card below, read these print instructions.


Front and back view of cards




Back View

MS Word Print Instructions

If you have MS Word on your computer, clicking a card above should open a sheet full of cards in that style on your computer.

You will notice that the top left card has the name and contact information for John and Mary Biker. Place your cursor in the table cells and remove that information and replace it with your name and contact information.

After you have finished, click your mouse arrow on the little cross-hair box next to the upper left corner of the table (see picture below) and right click your mouse then

choose 'copy' from the list. Next place your cursor anywhere in the next card and right click there then choose, 'Paste as Nested Table'. This should place a copy of your edited table in the proper position on that card. Place your cursor in the next card and repeat the process until you have all the cards filled.

You are now almost ready to print. Although you can see the table cell borders, they will not print.

The card back uses about the same procedure except there is a table within a table so be sure to click your mouse on 'GWTA' in the upper left corner then right click and select copy to capture both tables at the same time. Click anywhere in the next card then right click and choose 'Paste as Nested Table'. It may look out of position but will move to the correct spot when you move to the next card.

Paper quality settings are very important on the newer printers. If you will be using paper with a shiny finish like photo paper be sure to use a setting to best match your paper or your print quality will suffer. Click the 'Properties' button in your print dialog box to select paper quality settings that closely matches the paper you will be using.

Print Quality settings like normal, better or best, are also available on most printers, these setting can make a very noticeable improvement also. You will find these settings in the 'Properties' dialog box as well.

NOTE: Be sure to use the same procedure and settings for the back of your cards.


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