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Would you like to create your own personalized GWTA business cards at home on your printer? Different card styles are available and they're easy to create. The cards are handy, nice looking and great recruiting tools that fit nicely in your wallet.

Option 1: If you have Adobe Reader (a free program probably already on your computer), a printer, heavy bond paper and some scissors, click here for instructions. (Option 1, not recommended on perforated card stock)

Option 2: If you have MS Word and would like to print the cards on standard 2" x 3 1/2" perforated card stock (Avery 8871 or equivalent) Click here for instructions.


Front and back view of cards




Back View

PDF Print Instructions

Clicking a card above will open a PDF document in a new window. Place your cursor in the blank area of one of the cards and begin typing your name, title, address, phone etc. These instructions are also in the yellow area at the top of the card page (PDF document). The instructions will not print.

Note: If the image on your screen looks grainy, don't be concerned, it will print out to look as good or better than the images above.

Clicking the print button will bring up a dialog box like the one below. If you have an older version of Adobe Reader it may look different.

It is important that you print the card sheet without 'Scaling'. Scaling will print the sheet to the default margins set in you print settings which means your printer will shrink the contents to fit within those margins. If you want 2" x 3 1/2" cards, you want No 'Scaling' (see above), actual size or 100% depending on your dialog box. If you do, the cards should print a sheet of ten 2" x 31/2" business cards, if not they may be smaller. Do a test print on plain paper in grayscale or black before doing your final print. NOTE: If your printer cuts off a little at the bottom, you can work around that by choosing 'legal' instead of 'letter' as your paper size. Some printers start and stop printing on a page at different places depending on where the pick-up wheels are located.

There are lots of different printers and unfortunately they're not all the same so you could have a different printer settings dialog box than others so you'll have to look around yours to find the different settings to make your print project look the best.

Paper quality settings are very important on the newer printers. If you will be using paper with a shiny finish like photo paper be sure to use a setting to best match your paper or your print quality will suffer.

Print Quality settings like normal, better or best, are also available on most printers, these setting can make a very noticeable improvement also.

NOTE: Be sure to use the same procedure and settings for the back of your cards.

Card Stock: We don't recommend using perforated card stock, because you will be printing one large image on a sheet of paper, and precise sizing and positioning is difficult. If you have some card stock and want to try it, fine, but please don't purchase some in hopes it will work, it could be a big waste of money, paper and ink.

Plain heavy bond paper and scissors is a simple no hassle way to produce  nice looking cards at a very low cost.

You can find heavy bond paper and low tech inexpensive paper cutters at your local office supply store that do a nice job.

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